Cardinal Mazombwe Agricultural and Life Skills Centre

Until 2014, the Centre was known as Mphashya Orphan Farm. After the death of Cardinal Mazombwe, who originally acquired the land, the name was changed to Cardinal Mazombwe Agricultural and Life Skills Centre.  The Centre was established to respond to the growing number of orphaned and other vulnerable children in this rural area, where the majority of families are very poor. 


Situated on 80 hectares of prime land donated by Chief Mphashya, the local chief, the Centre' s farm allows orphans ranging in age from 10 to 21 years to cultivate food for their own consumption and to sell any surpluses to raise funds to put themselves through school and college. Activities at the farm have included maize, pumpkin and cassava production and pig rearing. In 2014, forty (40) students resided at the farm during school and college holidays, or at the end of one educational level. At any time during the year, there at least ten orphans resided at the farm. In 2014, the Lusaka Archdiocese took over management of the Centre.


ZOA US provides tuition assistance for college students, and agricultural skills training to improve the sustainability of the crops grown on the Farm.  Training includes skills in pest and insect prevention through usage of special plants and trees used as repellents and insecticides, farmer to farmer extension services, animal husbandry, exploration of potential agriculture markets and farm management.