Angelina Tembo Girls School

Run by the Sisters of Mary Immaculate, Angelina Tembo Girls School is located in Bwacha Township, Kabwe.  The school has been in partnership with ZOA-US since 2006.  ZOA-US has provided support to the feeding program for orphans who get one meal at school, funded school fees and other requisites for students at Angelina Tembo School, and supplied tuition fees for five former students who have graduated from Nkrumah University and are now teachers assigned to schools all over Zambia..  ZOA-US has also assisted the school with income-generating activities (IGA) -- poultry, piggery and vegetable-growing, as well as a new maize-growing venture, which have not only helped the school raise funds for school supplies, but have also provided protein and vitamin-rich foods for the orphans. 


In 2014, ZOA-US continued to fund  school and tuition fees for five high school girls at Angelina Tembo, and one at Nkrumah University of Education. 



Feeding the orphans continued to be a challenge as their numbers increased.  The gardening and farming projects have helped to sustain the feeding program, and the School hopes to improve the poultry project to further subsidize the nutrition requirements of its students.


ZOA has continued to support the school's income-generating activities, as well has provide tuition support for high school girls and young women obtaining college educations.