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Taonga Community Home Care in Kabwe receives funding from ZOA for educational support for 91 orphans and vulnerable children. Two students at the College level were also supported.  They are enrolled in a 3-year program for their Secondary Teachers’ Diploma.


Taonga seeks to construct a boarding house for girls who must travel from distant places to attend school in Kabwe.  Commuting girls run a gauntlet of risks, from unwanted sexual solicitations to robbery.  Please be generous so we can provide funding for the much-needed boarding house.

Funding from ZOA-US enables Mulele Mwana Skills Training Centre to serve nutritious morning and afternoon meals to 180 orphans and vulnerable children. In addition, the program has upgraded the feeding shelter with a hand basin and seven benches .They expanded the roofing and augmented the existing benches with concrete benches. Unfortunately, Mulele Mwana has lost a donor and has continuing needs:


1) There is only one projector for seven classes, posing a huge challenge for effective program implementation.

2) Insufficient reading books for all the grades to respond to the new curriculum.

Please help ZOA to provide funds for these two requirements.

St. Anthony Childrens' Village receives funding from ZOA-US for both educational and nutritional requirements of the children on campus. 102 children continued to benefit from well balanced meals.

The Village recently hired a Special Education teacher for the disabled children on campus that are able to learn, including a number that have cerebral palsy. Physiotherapy is also provided several times per week.

The Village has two important immediate funding needs:

1)  Money for a carpenter to build physiotherapy equipment for the disabled children.

2)  Funds for newer vehicles for reliable transportation to and from the community and Twapia Transit Home, a sister Ndola facility.

Your generosity in contributiing to these two needs will be greatly appreciated!

Cardinal Mazombwe Agricultural Skills Training Centre received funding from ZOA-US to pay college fees/tertiary education fees, tuition, transportation, groceries and transportation costs for the orphans and vulnerable youth that work the farm. Ten more residents received training in sustainable agriculture, and the piggery was expanding.  ZOA helped to fund the farm's greatest need: habitable housing for the residents.  Salty water continues to be a problem for growing crops.  Funding for a new borehole would be appreciated.

ZOA provides funding to Angelnia Tembo Girls School for educational and nutritional support. In addition to school fees and supplies, ZOA supports four students at the college level for tuition, boarding fees, school supplies and transportation.


150 children from pre-school, primary and secondary school are given one meal per day during school days. ZOA funding is augmented by three Icome Generating Activities the school undertakes. They harvested 2750 fish in May, 2015, sold 1700 and used 1050 for the feeding program. In 2015, they reared 500 boiler chickens, sold 300 and reserved 200 to supplement the feeding program.  They harvested 3 x 50Kg bags of maize and sold them as well.

ZOA-US provides nutritional and educational funds for 89 students supported by the Rise Community Aid Programme (RICAP). The cost of shoes, uniforms, books, pens and other school requisites plus school administrative costs still remain high for poor children. Most schools in Kafue, as in many parts of the country, are reluctant to request financial support for other school requirements, such as a PTA fund and school fees, as well as for cement, blocks, board fees, and preventive maintenance, making it increasingly expensive and difficult for an child to progress beyond Grade 7.              

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