Childhood is tough for Zambia's orphans. Zambia is one of the poorest, most AIDS-ravaged countries in the world. There are an overwhelming 1.4 million orphans in a population of just 14 million. Many live in grandmother or child-headed households that scrape by on $1 a day.


Education is universally recognized to be the key to lifting children and their families out of poverty.




ZOA-US is a small, volunteer-run charity that supports  orphans and vulnerable children by partnering with small, well-run, community groups and schools, often complementing the work of larger charities. We have a strong emphasis on helping local partners move towards financial sustainability. We help to fund:


  • Educational costs

  • School meals & nutritional programs

  • Work skills training to facilitate entry into the

      world of work

  • Psychosocial support and AIDS awareness programs

  • Programs for special needs children

  • Income-generating projects


ZOA's mission is to enable as many orphans and other vulnerable children as possible to realize their potential by assisting children to complete their schooling, helping school graduates to acquire skills to enable them to work, and funding income-generating activities, the profits of which empower organizations and orphans to become self-sufficient.



​Find us: 

P.O. Box 27496

Washington, DC 20038-2796


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